SHF Database Policies And Disclaimer

Data Submissions
  • Anyone who owns, co-owns and/or has bred a Spinone may add or update data.
  • Breeders can submit data for their own dogs and those they have bred.
  • Owners and Co-Owners can submit data only for the dogs they own.
  • In the case of a breeder selling a puppy to another breeder, the new owner is the only one who may submit health information.
  • Anonymous submissions of data are not accepted.
  • The SHF will not be responsible for resolving disputes amongst co-owners regarding their dogs. It will be assumed that upon submission of data regarding co-owned dogs that it is has been discussed and agreed upon by all owners of the dog.

Certification Data
  • In order to maintain the integrity of the Database, all Certifications will be verified before being visible in the Database.
  • Verification will be one of the following methods:
    1. The information is provided in a file directly by the testing organization (eg. OFA).
    2. The information is publically visible on the web site of the testing organization (eg. OFA).
    3. The information is on a certified pedigree (eg. AKC or FCI).
    4. The owner, co-owner or breeder will forward to SHF an un-altered copy of the certificate issued by the testing organization.

Health Information
  • All Health/Disease information will be classified as �Anecdotal� until the owner, co-owner or breeder provides receipt of an un-altered copy of the official diagnosis or pathology report by a veterinarian or other professional.
  • Upon receipt of verified documentation, the classification will be changed to �Diagnosed�. This classification system helps the users and researchers evaluate the reliability of the source.

  • The SHF values your privacy and it is our policy not to provide lists of names and/or addresses to any outside group or organization.
  • To protect the integrity of the database, the software does record logins and submission of data by the user. User activity within the Database is not tracked.
  • The use of a search engine for personal information, will not illicit any results originating from the SHF Database.

  • The SHF encourages photo submissions of individual dog.
  • In the case of copyrighted photos it is the responsibility of the owner or co-owner to ensure professional permission has been issued prior to photo submission and that appropriate professional credit has been applied.
  • The SHF will not be responsible for providing professional photo credit or royalty fees.

  • The SHF endeavors to offer pedigrees as complete and accurate as possible. The preference is for owners, co-owners and/or breeders to submit copies of certified pedigrees to guarantee accuracy.
  • In the case of incomplete pedigrees we will do our best to research thoroughly, through unofficial sources, to find the missing information.
  • In some cases this could result in errors. Should you discover an error, please notify via email at and we will research the data in question and make any necessary corrections.

  • The SHF does not endorse any specific breeder or breeding program.
  • The SHF makes no claim that pedigree information is 100% accurate without certified pedigree submissions.
  • While it is our mandate to ensure accuracy of the data provided, errors can occur. If you spot an error, please notify us via email at and we will research the data in question and make any necessary corrections.